Our Services

AO provides a range of contract cleaning services for commercial, office, industrial and residential cleaning projects. We also provide specialist and ad hoc cleaning services.

Commercial & Office Cleaning

Commercial and Office Cleaning includes General Cleaning for common and public areas, lifts, corridors, washrooms for shopping centers, food courts, hospitals and office

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning includes General and Tailored Cleaning for kitchens, reception areas, washrooms, air vents of light to heavy factories.

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning includes Cleaning and Maintenance of common areas such as carparks, walkways, playgrounds and club houses of condominiums, apartments and housing estates.

Specialist Cleaning/Add-On Services

Specialist Cleaning and Add-On Services include Marble Vinyl Floor Polishing for common areas and homes, High Pressure Jet Washing of tough stains on floors and driveways, External Cleaning using repelling Gondolas or Boom Lifts for windows and building facades and Carpet Shampooing with bouetting and/or hot water extraction methods.